A Look at Tennessee History

When many people think about history within the United States, they look to areas such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania or perhaps the Antietam battlefield. The fact of the matter is, there is also much to explore outside of those areas as well, including the state of Tennessee. When you look at the history that is to be found within the state, it will enhance your appreciation for it and make you want to visit to learn more.

The history of Tennessee is not limited to the modern-day but it was actually inhabited for thousands of years prior to the time that the modern-day history began. This included certain cultural groups that were in the area during the time that the European settlers showed up. Some of the ancient Palio-Indians who were in the area included the Woodland, Mississippian and Archaic cultures.

Starting in 1540, a number of Spanish expeditions took place in the area that was to eventually become Tennessee. Hernando De Soto was the first of those explorers who came through in that year. He was followed in 1959 by Tristan de Luna and Juan Pardo in 1967. It was Pardo who had a hand in naming Tennessee, as he took the name Tanasqui from one of the local Indian villages. During that time, the state was inhabited by the Yuchi and Muschgee people but they quickly disappeared, quite possibly because of European diseases that were introduced to the area.

In 1756, a British settlement was first built in Tennessee. Settlers came from South Carolina to the area that was near Vonore. The outpost was named Fort Loudon. The area continued to be explored through the 1760s, when Virginia longhunters came to the state. It was also during that decade that the European settlers began to occupy the area.

Tennessee also played a part in the American Revolutionary war, and later in the Civil War. It is also interesting that it was the first state that was created from area owned by the federal government in the United States.

Regardless of where you look in the state of Tennessee, you are certain to find history waiting for you. Some of the history may be quite ancient and could take some time to dig up but others is going to be clearly marked and quite enjoyable to learn. Take some time to learn more about Tennessee on your visit.